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You deserve the best for your property. We can 
help you get it.

We offer a wide range of customizable solutions for your EV charging needs. We specialize in single residential homes, multi-residential properties, commercial facilities and industrial spaces. Choose from one of our infrastructure upgrade packages and install anything from a single station to multiple charging stations.

Solutions for any type of property.

At Simply EV Charging Solutions, we provide industry-leading, full-service EV charging solutions for single residential homes, multi-residential properties, and commercial and industrial spaces. We also offer metering services for all units installed.

Residential Single Home

We work with residential homeowners to provide the most 
affordable, efficient, and reliable EV charging solution, including smartphone-enabled and plug-and-play options. With our range 
of solutions, customers will have complete control whenever they 
need it. We also offer financing options to make it as affordable as ever.

Multi-Residential Properties

Increase your property value and attract potential buyers and 
tenants by equipping your property with charging stations for 
electric vehicles. We work with property managers, condo boards, 
builders, engineers, and architects to come up with the perfect 
EV charging stations in multi-residential properties.

Commercial & Industrial Properties

As more and more consumers opt for electric vehicles, it’s important that your property can cater to the increased demand. We work closely with commercial and retail property owners to equip their spaces with long-lasting, easy-to-use EV charging solutions. We also offer the ability to monitor, bill, and limit or provide access to your public or private stations.

You can rest assured that with us, your property is in the best hands.

Whether it’s retrofitting an existing property or equipping a new construction project, we’ll make sure you’re getting the best possible upgrade and the highest-quality products for your customers. We offer:

Top-of-the-Line EV Chargers

We only use efficient, high-quality EV charging 
equipment designed to equip your property with 
intelligent, connected technology.

In-House Government Rebate Management

Avoid the headache of applying for government grants and 
rebates by letting us do it instead. We'll take care of the entire
process, including submission, processing, and management.

Fully Licensed Electricians

We have only highly skilled, licensed, and certified experts 
handling your installation. Our network of electricians spans 
across the GTA.

24-Hour Support and Service

We'll provide you with the support you need from start to 
finish, including backend support, load management, 
top-grade billing platforms, a user-friendly customer portal, 
customized service and maintenance schedule, and more.

Flexible Financing Solutions for Your Customers

Homeowners can access premium products without the 
premium price tag thanks to our flexible financing solutions 
designed to improve affordability.

Find Out If You Qualify for Government Rebates

You may be eligible for up to 50% in rebates for the purchase 
and installation of your electric vehicle charging stations.

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